Your privacy is important to us. It is out policy to respect your privacy regarding information we collect from you across our wesbite,, and any other sites we own and operate. We do everything we can to keep these policies simple, open, and public, letting you make informed decisions.
What do we collect?

On account registration:
- Your first and last name.
- Your email.
- Your phone number.

When using our contact form:
- Your first and, optionally, your last name.
- Your email.
- Optionally, your phone number.

We collect all of this information so that we can reliably get in contact with you (email and phone number) and so that we can address you by your name in emails, phone calls, and on stage, in the event that you go past the video audition stage.

When submitting a video:
- We-Transfer download URL.
- Name of Performance.
- Name of Group.
- List of performers.
- Category.
- Genre.

We collect this information so we can download your video (We-Transfer URL), identify it (Name of Performance), have a name for the group that you are part of (Name of Group and the List of Performers) which may be used to address you in emails, phone calls, or on stage, and as way to separate our submissions for different prizes (Category & Genre).

Who do we share it with?

The information that we collect (listed above) is only shared with the organizers of the DAT Project. We can insure that this data is NOT sold to anyone, including third parties, by us or the organizers.

Additionally, if we are legally obligated to share data, we will do so, providing the minimum required.

How long do we keep it for?

The information associated with your user account, collected when creating an account, is stored until you choose to delete it in your profile.

The information you provided in the contact form is stored until the end of the current DAT Project (After the Finale Gala).

The video submission is stored until the end of the current DAT Project (After the Finale Gala) or if you delete your account in your profile.

All data is deleted if this website shuts down.

How do we let you know?

Whenever this privacy policy is changed, we will send you a message through this website, as well as through your email.

If you have any questions about this policy, would like to delete your data, to report bugs in our website, or just have a chat, please either use the contact form or our email.

This privacy policy was last updated July 11, 2019.
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